Student Co-od: PRASANNA S
Contact no : 9600861281


This event is to identify the student with the traits of a good manager . It brings out the skills , knowledge and talents of a good manager . It further test the students on how they uses their strategies to solve the problems .


  • Each team can hold maximum of 4 members.

    • Preparing the given article ( 2 mins )
    • Presenting the provided article with creativity ( 3 mins )

    • Preparing a new idea for marketing the product ( 2 mins ).
    • Marketing the given product ( 3 mins ).

  • ROUND 3 : START UP ( 15 MINS )
    • Designing a logo.
    • Promoting the product with innovation.

EVENT CO-OD:Musthak Ali, Saqlain
CONTACT NO: 9500855357,9597005144


Make a bigger impact and get noticed by presenting your technical ideas innovatively. So gear up to express it in the form of a paper in KENSHO2K17.


    • The paper should be in the IEEE format.
    • Abstract should be mailed to on or before 20.03.2017.
    • The competition is open to all UNDER GRADUATE students.
    • Maximum of two members per team.
    • No participant must be an author of more than one paper.
    • Participants are requested to bring two hardcopies and a softcopy of their paper.
    • During the main event ,the participants will be allowed to present their paper for 10 minutes(this includes 7 mins for presentation and 3 mins for queries).
    • The oral presentation should be in the form of PPT, not more than 10 slides.
    • Send the abstract to

CONTACT NO: 9944047859,9629459417


A good way to start – SKETCH IT OUT. A poster is a visual representation of your research. The posters illustrate, interpret and emphasize the theme of the concept. The viewer should walk away remembering you and your work, not the way the poster looked.


  • ROUND 1:

  • RULES:
    1. Efficient concept will be provided on the spot.
    2. The size of the poster should be about 42*42 inch.
    3. Time limit is 30 minutes.
    4. Maximum 3 per team.
    5. The title of the poster should be readable from 15 to 20 feet.
    6. Attractive images are allowed.
    7. A2 sheets and sketch will be provided.
    8.Captions must be attractive.
    9.Word count less than 50 (<50).

EVENT CO-OD: Sathurthika,Pavithra
CONTACT NO: 9944047859,9500863642


“More speed, More power with minimum time” Design a robot that has a capacity to cover maximum distance in shortest possible time, challenging the hurdles and be one of the best opponent. Think your robot can overcome any obstacle in the least of time if so get it on the track and let the game begin.


  • Rounds:
  • 1. Track the path.(simple)
    2. Find your robot admist the most complex tracks.

  • Rules:
  • 1. This is a racing event ,so fastest and most balanced robot will win.
    2. Each team can have maximum 2 members. Students from different institutes can form a team.
    3. The robot should not damage the arena.
    4. The robot must not leave behind any of its part during the run ;else it will result in disqualification.
    5. Unethical behavior could lead to disqualification.Faculty coordinators have all the rights to take final decision for any matter during the event.
    6. Judge’s decision will be considered final.
    7. Certificates will be given to all the participants.

EVENT CO-OD: Sathurthika,Abinaya-
CONTACT NO: 9944047859,8973347770


“DISPLAY YOUR MODELS AND PURCHASE YOUR PRIZES” Prepare a display board to communicate your ideas to others


  • Send us the clear idea of your project as abstract to on or before 20/03/2017

  • Live demo of your model at the time of the event

  • RULES:
  • 1 Preregistration is must for participation.
    2 Team can contain maximum of 3 members.
    3 Basic components like power supply, batteries will be provided.
    4 Participation certificate will be provided for all the participants.
    5 Decision of the judges will be treated as final.

EVENT CO-D: Reshma,Sangeetha
CONTACT NO:9600371626, 9578221598


Crack your technical brain to unravel the mystery behind the bugs of circuit. Get ready to debug the circuits. Presenting Electronic debugging ,where the ECE geeks bring out their debugging powers.


  • Round 1:
  • In this round 20 simple electronics related questions will be given. Participants are required to have basic knowledge of Electronics.

  • Round 2:
  • Participants who are selected to the second round are tested on their knowledge of digital circuitry .In this round,5 digital electronics and 5 analog circuit questions will be given and they are supposed to identify the faults and rectify the circuits.

  • Round 3:
  • Participants selected to this round are given a hardware circuit either digital or analog .Faults in the circuit should be identified to get the correct output.

  • RULES:
  • • Every team should consist maximum of 2 members.
    • The decision of judges shall be treated as final .
    • A basic knowledge of analog and digital circuitry is necessary
    • Any malpractice is strictly prohibited and disqualified.

EVENT CO-D: Mercy,Anju
CONTACT NO: 9495769020,9597346950


This is an event that is meant to check the engineer’s IQ. The event is all about recognizing some pieces of technical equipment. It’s a techno event, about identifying jumbled up pictures various pieces of tech equipment. Once the equipment is correctly recognized, the participants will be shown the equipment on which they will have to write down certain valid points. This event consists of two rounds. Each team needs to qualify both rounds. The event is expected to be exciting and interesting to the participants..


  • Round 1

  • 1. Each team will have 2 members.
    2. Each team will be provided with a sheet of paper and a pen.
    3. One common equipment will be shown to all the teams.
    4. All the teams need to recognize the equipment on the slide.
    5. The time limit will be 5 minutes.
    6. Teams can ask for hints, if they wish to.
    7. The teams those recognized the equipment correctly will be qualified for the next round.

  • Round 2:
  • 1. In this round, the qualified teams will be shown some equipment.
    2. Participants are required to write valid points about the displayed equipment.
    3. The time limit for this round is 15 minutes.
    4. The winners will be declared after judgement procedures are over.

  • Rules and regulations:
  • 1. Maximum hints allowed to each team are 3.
    2. For every hint given, one point will be deducted

EVENT CO-D: Anju,Manju
CONTACT NO: 9597346950,9626982978

Battle of music

This event is about solo singing with karaoke in pendrive


  • Rounds

  • Round1:
  • Any genre(TIME: 3MIN)

  • Round2:
  • Fast numbers or melody(TIME 4MIN)

EVENT CO-D: Anju,Deva krithika
CONTACT NO: 9597346950,9566982112


FOX HUNT is a technical event where you should hunt a hidden radio transmitter using the given receiver.The technical fun lies in the radio directing ,finding and tracking the radio transmitter which is situated in the undisclosed location using receiver.


  • Round1:
  • Participants are tested on the basics of communication theory as well as latest trends and technologies in communications and their application in MCQ round.

  • Round2:
  • This round involves tracking of hidden radio transmitter(FOX) which is situated at a fixed location using receiver within given time.

  • Round3:
  • In this final round ,participants are required to track and hunt a moving Radio transmitter (FOX).The participants selected for Round 2 will be given a demo on how to use receivers to locate the transmitter using frequency tuning attenuator in the receiver.

  • Rules:
  • • A team can have 3 to 4 members.
    • Team members should be present at event venue at specified time.
    • The team members should not disperse during the event.
    • Participants have to bring headphones with them for the second and third round.
    • The teams participating should use only the receivers provided by us.
    • Cell phone usage is prohibited. If found, the team will be disqualified immediately.
    • Decision of judges is final.

EVENT CO-D: Sandhiya.D ,Reshma J.R
CONTACT NO: 7200917557,9600371626