Student Co-od: JAYAPRAKASH S
Contact no : 7373953432

Mr & Ms Kensho’17

Hey folks! Have you ever dreamt of being crowned as the best, among a big pool of talents? Here is your big chance as "Mr and Ms.Kensho", the title event of Kensho-2k17 is all set for you. It comprises of innovative rounds and entertaining elements that can unleash every talent of yours. So come join us, participate and get ready to be crowned as the best of KENSHO-17 in a grand way!


First round comprises of MCQs to test your thinking ability and a sudoku puzzle followed by a LIFE QUOTE to test your life skills ..
8 males and 8 females will be selected for 2nd and 3rd round which will be held contiguosly.

Second round is SPIN YOUR STORY. 20 pictures will be shown to you, one at a time with 4 seconds duration for a picture in a slide show. The participant has to start a tale relating to the first picture, continue with the tale relating to the following pictures aptly and end the tale with the climax relating to the final picture.

Third round is to unleash your hidden talents. Be it music, singing, dance or memicree, it's upto you to showcase it. Our rules can tell you just one thing. Fun is guaranteed.

4 males and 4 females will be selected for final round

*Fourth round* is the *mass suspense* round.. come join our show to be crowned.

EVENT Co-Ordinators
Nihal Ahmed - 9003653726
Mohana priya S - 7373787474



When coding has started to control the world, it is our duty to fight with the hindrances that make it really messy. Fighting with the bugs and handling errors is as important as writing codes. So, we provide a platform to reveal your debugging skills. So gear up fellas, it's time to rasterize your code, dominate your brain cells and get your program working perfectly right. If debugging interests you, then join us and debug your way to perfection.


  • Debugging is a solo event. Every participant must register individually.
  • Every participant must know any one of the following programming languages C, C++ or Java.
  • Round 1: Multi Choice Bugs

  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Participants have to answer the given multiple choice questions on debugging.
  • Round 2: Code hunt

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • This round is based on reverse coding. Participants should analyse the logic behind the given input and clues and implement it.
  • Round 3: Encode

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Problem solving ability of the participant will be tested in this round. Participants are expected to solve the problems given to them in hackerrank.
  • EVENT Co-Ordinators
    Srivathsan - 9597522078
    Nandini - 8056392208


    Papier prezento

    Questions have always been the real reason which leads to ideas and in turn transform into inventions which make you unique. We all have our own crazy ideas lurking within us. The actuation of any idea depends on the way the idea is presented. If you have an idea, it's high time you turn into a mirror. Explain your work, grab your crowd and innovate it's way to perfection .Come show us how wacky your ideas are, we'll help you make it phenomenal.


    • Participants can send their full paper on or before 19.03.2017 Extended until 21.03.2017 (Strictly IEEE format) through
    • The subject of the mail and the name of the file should be the title of the paper.
    • Maximum 3 members per team are allowed.
    • Selected papers will be intimated through mail on 21.03.2017 and the team should present it on at Kensho'17.
    • Total presentation time will be 10 minutes.
    • If found any plagiarism in the abstract and paper,the team will be subjected to disqualification.
    • If prototype of the paper is submitted bonus points will be awarded.
    • The decision of the judges will be final.

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    PradeepKumar S-9789501283
    Sanjaydeep G-8526425945



    “Innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower .Clearly , Steve Jobs had discerned the true meaning of his words when he changed the world through his blogging inventious. Now here’s an opportunity to bring out the Engineer in you. Your ideas, be it cutting edge technology or something out of the box. Have a chance to change your future.
    • The team shall consist a maximum of 3 members
    • Soft copy of the abstract should be sent to mail ID on 20TH MARCH 2017 before 5:00PM.
    • Both hard and soft copy must be presented to the judge
    • The event timing will be 10 am to 1pm on March 23
    • Abstracts should be mailed to


    • Participants must submit a short abstract of the project.
    • Entries need to have an novelty value, feasibility and no implementation hinderence
    • Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.
    • The judges, mentors and the organizers will eliminate plagiaristic contents
    • An acknowledgment would be sent to the selected participants
    • The decisions made by the judges will be Final and Binding

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    AJEETH KUMAR - 90873 70478
    SURESH - 90252-18413
    ASWIN - 9952540247


    Web O mania

    Everything is not as it seems .Uncover the obscure, discover cryptic treasures and make it through the otherworldly web of cyberspace. Use your technical skills to extract the subtle leads in this thrilling quest for cyber gold!


    • This is a team/solo event.A team can consist of maximum 2 members.
    • Every participant must have the basic knowledge of using a computer.
    • Participants from all other departments are also welcomed.
    • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited and if found will be disqualified at once by the organizing committee.
    • Every team must have a name with which they represent
    • Negative marks are in consideration for some rounds in a technical event
    • Every participant will be given a A4 sheet and a pen for the first round So they need not bring anything.
    • At any point Judge’s Decision will be final, No further classification is entertained
    • Web O Mania consists of two Rounds
      1. MCQ Round
      2. Hunt Round

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    ARAVINDHAN VS – 9791975891
    SAI DAYA SHANKAR – 9677464006



    Stretch your grey cells to their limits as you race through mind crunching rounds .Here’s a chance to brandish your perception of the world and demonstrate your aptitude for quirky facts .Think on your feet , work as a team ,flaunt your ingenuity and prove that you are the ultimate quiz champion.


    • 3 participants of the college in a team.
    • No usage of mobile phones.
    • Quiz Master’s decision is final in case of discrepancies.

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    R V Naga Manikandan – 9442320435
    Jebisha Felix – 9445574601


    Game Development Workshop

    This Game Development workshop takes student outside the classroom setting and through a skilled structure, improves their game making skills which link their technical side to their creative side. This intensive one day workshop will explore the day to day craft of game design through hands on activities, group discussion, analysis and critique. Registration Fee Rs 500/- (Lunch will be provided)
    For Registration click here or scan

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    P.ANAND BALAJI - 9443886043
    ALMAS - 8754661606
    MATHAN KUMAR – 8807221864


    Game Freak(Mobile gaming)

    Games have always been obvious of pass times for every individual .But you ever wondered it could be a platform for recognizing your skills in a big way and could earn you some hot cash? Come play your game and make yourself a name.


    • Mini Militia (local multiplayer)
    • World Cricket Championship 2(single player)
    • Asphalt 8(local multiplayer)
    • Real Steel World Robot Boxing(local multiplayer)
    • Entry fee – Rs. 10 per head for a game

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    K.Naveen Kumar – 8110042403
    Manoj Balaji – 9442532626


    Game Freak(Computer gaming)

    Game freaks!!!! It is a call for you all to come and show how big of a game freak you are. We have games for hardcore racers, FPS shooters, Sports fans and much more. Come here and compete with your fellow mates and may the strongest prevail. Entry Fee: - Rs.50 per player all games. Prizes base on entry pool. Two prizes per game.

    GAMES :

    • DOTA 2:
      1)5v5 Single Elimination Bracket.
    • Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare:( 5v5 || 4v4 || 3v3 )
      1)Each round lasts for 10 minutes and the team to score the maximum points wins the round.
      2) Final winner is selected by best of 3 format.
      3)Single Elimination Bracket is followed.
    • NFS Most Wanted:
      1) 4 players Race against each other in a LAN party and the winner advances to next round.
    • FIFA 2017: (1v1)
      1)Single elimination. Player to score the most goals within limited time wins

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    Kowshik Sharan S – 8148256184
    Mohanavel I – 8608027972



    Reasoning at every step he trends, man yet mistakes his way ;whilst means things whom instinct leads, are rarely known to stray .Given a precondition or premise , a conclusion or logical condition and a platform and inductive logic .Come join us to blaze your cogent quotient and take home exciting cash prizes.

    EVENT Co-Ordinators
    MANJU R – 9566759724
    KIRAN KUMAR J – 9047085616


    Light & Life

    Light and Life 2017, is back, and it's going to be Big! This year we are setting a thrilling Suspense with an On Spot Theme. So be ready with your phones and cameras, and get set to compete in a Single round of Clicking and Capturing. Amateur or Professional, come and partake in one of the biggest Photography contests and get a chance to win Big!


    • On Spot Theme
    • Single Round of 3 hours (Timing)
    • Participants must submit Soft copy within the stipulated time.
    • Edits are allowed.